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Biodiversity Museum exhibit Presentation Essay Example for Free

 Biodiversity Museum exhibit Presentation EssayVery little is known about biodiversity and its effect on livelihood and the environment. In order to clearly understand where we are coming from a clear definition of the broad concept is in order Biodiversity is the difference in number, frequency and variety of living organisms in an ecological system. This includes plants, animals, birds, fish among others. Basically this term encompasses variety of ecosystems species, and relative abundance (http://www. equalearth. org/wildlifeextinction. htm ). Importance of Biodiversity.Tropical rainforests are dying or being cut down at a faster rate than be replaced.     The rainforests play a vital role in water catchments areas and are home to thousands of birds spices and animals. The replacement of these forest with artificial ones is insufficient because the rainforest support undergrowth and attract more rain. Animals species take millions of years to adapt to their habitat and no human being should fuel elimination of such progress.

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